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How To Remove The Rust Of Aluminum Perforated Metal Mesh?

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Now aluminum perforated metal mesh can be seen everywhere in our lives, and there are many fields where aluminum perforated metal mesh is used in our lives, such as sieve plates, seats, trash cans, shoe cabinets, protective covers, etc. , then if the perforated metal mesh has rust spots, how to remove it?

After the surface of the aluminum perforated metal mesh is rusted, clean the rusted area. Pay attention to prevent the use of bleach ingredients and abrasive detergents, steel balls, and grinding tools. When the smooth metal surface is exposed, spray a layer of paint. Make sure it's clean and the paint is fully covered.

After the surface of the aluminum perforated metal mesh is covered with dust, wash it with soap, detergent or warm water. Be careful not to scratch the anti-rust layer on the surface with a sharp-edged blunt tool. The trademark pasted on the surface of the metal perforated mesh, and the photocopying should be washed with warm water and a weak detergent. If the surface of the stainless steel sieve plate is contaminated by grease, oil and lubricating oil, clean it with a soft cloth and then use a neutral detergent or ammonia solution.

The surface of the aluminum perforated metal mesh needs to be derusted and bleached. After pickling with hydrochloric acid, immediately wash with water, then soak in ammonia solution or neutral carbonated soda solution, and rinse with mild detergent or warm water. The surface of the punching plate is coated with a layer of oil, which can isolate the contact between the surface of the product and the air and have a very good anti-rust effect.



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