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Stainless steel woven wire mesh mainly used for the filtration and screening of gas, liquid and solid, the separation of media and so on.


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We are an excellent wire mesh supplier in China.We have a complete range of products,
mainly producing stainless steel woven wire mesh, epoxy coated mesh, perforated metal mesh, etc.

Industrial Woven Wire Cloth

            Choose the highest-quality stainless steel woven wire mesh for your industrial application   

Anping County Anyang Wire Mesh is a leading industrial woven wire cloth and stainless steel woven wire mesh manufacturer, supplier and fabricator based in Anping CHINA.

Our stainless steel woven wire mesh is used for many sieving, straining, separating, grading and filtering applications.
We supply filter mesh for separation, wire gauze for particle filtration and sieve mesh for grading. Our woven wire mesh products are also used for a vast range of industrial processes.

The quality of our stainless steel woven wire mesh products has been controlled and strictly reviewed. From the raw materials to the final delivery, we have arranged special personnel to be responsible. We use the most advanced testing equipment to conduct strict inspections on our products to ensure that customers receive the most Perfect products, to be responsible to customers.
Our products have obtained national quality certification and quality assurance, you can rest assured to buy, if you need it, please be sure to contact us: 

Our products primary focus is the manufacture of woven wire mesh and cloth, especially in stainless steel, for industrial uses, chemical fiber, mining, filtration, and a wide range of uses.
Stainless steel woven wire mesh & Industrial Woven Wire Cloth, as an ideal filter medium, stands out when solutions for precise filtration and excellent corrosion resistance are needed. It excels in giving problem-free screening and is easily cleanable with excellent durability. The space wire weaves in square opening or rectangular openings can be woven down to a fineness of 5 micron aperture, also there are many combinations of filter weaves with retention in the micron range.
Industrial filtration
Food grade filtration
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  • Mar
    [未分类] Weaving Methods of Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh
    Stainless steel woven wire mesh is a kind of wire mesh deep-processed product woven from various raw materials such as high-quality stainless steel wire SUS302 304 304L 316 316L.
  • Feb
    Brass wire meshes include brass wire mesh, copper wire mesh, phosphor bronze wire mesh, embossed wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, knitted wire mesh. The material is brass, copper or phosphor bronze. Brass woven wire meshes have suitable tensile strength and extensibility, and the mesh is used to count the number of warp threads per inch. The smaller the mesh, the larger the mesh, and the better the water filtration performance. Advantages: good electrical conductivity, heat transfer properties, non-magnetic, low ductility, wear resistance. Uses of brass wire mesh: Widely used in industrial filtration, petroleum, chemical, printing, and other industries, and can also be used in electronic/electromagnetic/signal shielding nets.
  • Feb
    Gabion Box
    Gabion boxes are made of corrosion-resistant materials, including galvanized wire, galvanized wire, and PVC-coated wire, which can maintain good appearance and performance even when exposed to harsh environments such as sunlight and rain.
  • Jan
    Stainless Steel Expanded Metal Mesh
    Stainless steel expanded metal mesh is specially used for chemical corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant engineering. The mesh surface is flat, the friction coefficient is high, and it is easy to cut and shape.Advantage of Stainless steel expanded metal mesh:1. Acid and alkali resistance, corrosion
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  • Features of stainless steel wire mesh?

    The most common type;Good resistance to acid and alkali, and corrosion;Abrasion, high temperature resistant;Durable and high strength;Easy to clean and maintain;Flat and shiny surface.2.Excellent resistance to the rust and corrosion;Resist to the chemical and harsh weather;Accurate filtration rating;Durable and has high friction coefficient;High strength and beautiful appearance.3.High filter precision.
  • Enterprise core products?

    1 Stainless steel wire mesh
    2 Brass mesh
    3 Epoxy coated mesh
  • Product risk control?

    If there is any quality problem within six months after receiving the goods, we will return the goods for refund or replace them.
  • The response speed after placing an order?

    1. Quick : on a Working day in China, we will reply to your inquiry within half an hour after receiving it.
    2  Specially-assigned service: when we receive the consultation, we will have specialized sales staff to serve you
We offer not only products, but also our after-sales service. Welcome to contact us to know more.

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