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Stainless steel woven wire mesh mainly used for the filtration and screening of gas, liquid and solid, the separation of media and so on.

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Wire Mesh Filter Tubes Cylinders

The stainless steel mesh tube and screw carbon steel punching central mesh tube are pioneered in domestic market. We have great variety of straight welded stainless steel and carbon steel central mesh tube. 

Wire mesh filters can be divided into cylinder filter,tube filter and cone filter. Cylinder filter also know as wire mesh cylinder filter,is made of wire mesh rolled into cylinder shape.

According to material,it can be classified into stainless steel filter tube,copper filter tube, galvanized filter tube,aluminum filter tube.

According to the processing technology,it can be classified into woven cylinder filter,expanded metal cylinder and perforated cylinder filter.

Wire Mesh Filter Tubes Cylinders Specification:

Material: 304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel wire, brass wire,Monel wire,black wire cloth, etc.

Type of Woven:plain weave,plain dutch weave and twilled weave.
Mesh Range: from 2 x 2 mesh to 500 x 3500 mesh.

Wire Mesh Filter Tubes Cylinders Feature:

  • High porosity and excellent permeability

  • Corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance

  • Large dirt-holding capacity

  • Accurate filtration precision

  • Easy processing,forming,welding and cleaning

  • Firm structure and different hole patterns

Wire Mesh Filter Tubes Cylinders Application:

  • Filtration of air: air filters, vacuum filters, filtration of corrosive gases, etc.

  • Filtration of liquid: ceramics polluted water cleaning, beverage, disposal of sewage water, filtration of corrosive liquids, beer brewing filter, etc.

  • Filtration of solid: glass, coal, food processing industry, cosmetics, fluidised beds, etc.

  • Filtration of oil: hydraulic oil, oil refining,oilfield pipelines, etc.

  • Filtration of other fields: chemical industry, insulation industry, textile industry,automotive industry, metallurgy, medicine making, electronic field, etc.


 Wire Mesh Filter Tubes Cylinders  Wire Mesh Filter Tubes Cylinders

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