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Stainless steel woven wire mesh mainly used for the filtration and screening of gas, liquid and solid, the separation of media and so on.

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Different Types of Crimped Wire Meshe

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Crimped wire meshes are embossed by an embossing machines and then woven by braiding machines to form square meshes that are made of various materials. They have a wide use in different fileds.

Crimped wire meshe is divided into the following categories:

Heavy-duty crimped wire mesh: It is also called wire rod vibrating screen, mine screen crimped wire mesh. It is mostly used in mines, coal plants, construction, petrochemicals, construction machinery and other places.

Galvanized crimped wire mesh: It is also known as galvanized cold drawn wire crimped wire mesh

Edge-wrap ginned mesh: Sable mesh size, high safety performance, generally used for strong confrontation, relatively easy to damage, heavyweight mechanical protection, construction, and mechanical operation protection.

Decorative Crimped Mesh: Stable structure, good-looking appearance, good decorative effect, can be used for the decoration of balconies, corridors and offices, etc.

Mining screen ginned mesh: It is also known as wire rod ginned mesh, it is mainly used for the screening and separation of ore and gravel.

Stainless steel crimped mesh: Not easy to rust, corrosion-resistant, mostly used in construction, machinery, mining and metallurgy, etc.



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